Kelethin: Hatchling Release  

Level100 (Scales)
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container of fingerlings
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Ambassador Gibrien Marsden at 594,45,78 in Greater Faydark would like you to prove your allegiance to Kelethin.

Gibrien gives you a container of fingerlings to release. There are four varieties, and the one you get is random. When you are near the release location the fingerlings will automatically release; you may have to swim to release them.

  • Release crappie fingerlings where the Upper Emerald River flows out of Emerald Lake around -740, 36, 227 .
  • Release freshwater salmon fingerlings in the pond at Tunares Sapling around -64,-10,61 .
  • Release catfish fingerlings in Emerald Lake around -766, 37, 254 .
  • Release fathead fingerlings in Opal Pond around 167, 2, 82 .

Return to Gibrien to complete the quest.

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