Nights of the Dead Devotee  

CategoryWorld Event
Level100 (Scales)
Started ByNights of the Dead Devotee Challenge
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Rattlin' Bones Candy Dish

In 2013 this quest was replaced by the Nights of the Dead Devotee Achievement.

This quest was updated in 2012.

Inspect Nights of the Dead Devotee Challenge, which is received in the mail during Nights of the Dead, to begin this quest.

I have been challenged to prove myself a Nights of the Dead Devotee by finding mysterious Nights of the Dead objects within the myriad of holiday instances and events! You need to find 8 mysterious Nights of the Dead objects. These objects will have a green particle effect that makes them easier to see. Updates can be done in any order.

  • A Basket of Apples - get it at any one of the following locations (you only need one basket of apples!):
    • Freeport - found at 25, -18, 83 in West Freeport (inside the tradeskill building near Matthias Zoe)
    • Gorowyn - found at 2615, 119, 1152 in Timorous Deep (inside the mender and research assistant room on the inner-city side of The Breathing Pools)
    • Kelethin - found at 460, 93, 326 in Greater Faydark (next to Tunare's Pages)
    • Neriak - found at 1, 7, 353 in Neriak, City of Hate (near Old Salty in Dockside Markets)
    • New Halas - found at -332, 176, -43 in Frostfang Sea (near Grandmaster Cheri Glodsdottr in Ravens' Roost)
    • Qeynos - found at 365, -19, 116 in North Qeynos (near Irontoe's East)

  • An Odd Assortment of Bones
    • Found in The Haunted House (in North Qeynos ( 474.13, -18.80, -344.26 ) or West Freeport), in the basement, room before the dancers at -11, -5, 10
    • Related quest: The Haunting
    • Alternate location: This quest is repeatable every 18 hours so there is no alternate location.

  • Sticky Spider Eggs
    • Found in Antonica at McQuibble's Farm at -1702, -19, -53 (close to where the Pumpkin King triggers at)

  • A Plate of Nights of the Dead Frosted Cookies
    • Found in Maj'Dul at 78, 148, -136 , on a table inside the The Golden Scepter

  • A Plate of Rats
    • Found in the Loping Plains Haunted Mansion once you go to the basement at -26, 0.65, -52 .
    • Related quest: This Won't End Well... and There Will Be Ghosts
    • Alternate location: There Will Be Ghosts can be infinitely repeated so there is no alternate location.

  • A Di'Zok Skull
    • Found in The Hedge Hollow at 997, 8, -601 , shortly after passing Raven.
    • Related quest: A Nightmarish Illness and A Nightmarish Return
    • Alternate location: A Nightmarish Return can be infinitely repeated so there is no alternate location.

  • Broken Canopic Jar - (added in 2011)
    • Found in Charnel Hollow at 972, 8, -507
    • Related quest: Survive the Night
    • Alternate location: Upon completing Survive the Night it will appear near Setri Lur'eth in Nektulos Forest at 1090, -0.55, -326 .

  • A Mouldering Jack-o-Lantern - (NEW in 2012!)
    • Found near the Ghost Hunter Contest
      • Antonica: 55, -19, -22
      • Commonlands: -1103, -60, 15
    • Alternate location: None, as the race is there the entire event.

Find someone to present the mysterious Nights of the Dead objects to.

  • This is Terrah Sinew on the docks in Nektulos Forest ( 803, 6, -120 )

Basket of Apples
Odd Assortment of Bones
Sticky Spider Eggs
Plate of Frosted Cookies
Plate of Rats
Di'Zok Skull
Broken Canopic Jar
A Mouldering Jack-o-Lantern


  • Suffix title: the Nights of the Dead Devotee (does not display in the rewards list)
  • Dedicated Jack-o-Lantern (pet) ('NEW in 2012!)

Past Rewards

Timesaver! This quest has steps, hunting areas, or mob targets in common with the following quest(s).

ZAM would like to thank Cloudrat, Hortensia and many wonderful people on Test for helping with several of the object locations.

Nights of the Dead
(Introduced in 2010)

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