The Priestess of Lesser Faydark  

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torn page
bits of fabric
dried river mud
hair ribbon
Eva's Altar of Tunare
Faction Changes:

This is the fourth in the Tunare deity quest series.

After completing the Imperiled Druid Ring quest Kurista will give you this quest.

Travel to Lesser Faydark and go to the far North-west of zone, to the area called the "Camp of the Legendary Wu".
Find Vergo Stormherald there. He roams, but will be in the area close to 760, 117, -393 . Speak to him and he will give you some unknown leaves.

Travel back along the path that lead to the Camp of the Legendary Wu. At four locations on the way, you will pass a clickable rock, and you must inspect this rock to recover an item. These *must* be done in order, as follows :-

  • bits of fabric at 693, 62, -253
  • hair ribbon at 615, 33, -34
  • dried river mud at 337, -19, 145
  • torn page at 235, -20, -52

NOTE: Be careful of aggro fae drakes in this general area. Some of these are level 60, and so are aggro even to a level 70 character.

Follow the Loa`Sur river, initially heading in an approximately eastwards direction, but then turning south/south-east, until you reach the Fae Court.
Find Tuilla Laarivera, at -268, -57, 403 and speak with him.

From Tuilla, face north and jump into the river. Follow the river through twists and turn up to and then through a waterfall. Just behind the waterfall is a climbable wall, the bottom of which is at 4, -70, 202 . Climb this and at the top, turn left and you will see a cave entrance at about -4, -58, 226 .

Run down the cave, and find Esthella Evenheart at 69, -94, 327 and speak to her.

Return to Kurista in Kelethin. She will reward you with +7500 Faction with Tunare and with Eva's Altar of Tunare. This altar is an upgrade on the one gained as a reward for the first Tunare Deity Quest.

This then opens up the final quest in the series, Faith.

Imperiled Druid Ring Tunare
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