Love of Ages Past (Antonica)  

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Electrum Cluster
Min Coin: 65c
Max Coin: 75c
Erollisi's Charm

This is a Lore and Legend quest that was introduced for Valentine's Day and is no longer active. It was given by Priestess Annalisa Swornlove in Commonlands or Priest Aaronolois Swornlove in Antonica.

  • Harvest an electrum cluster from Wind Swept Rock
  • Touch the Statue of Marr north of Crossroads in Commonlands 585, -49, -617 or just west of the docks near the Ruins of Caltorsis in Antonica ( -1300, -40,-880 )

With a little care to avoid the aggros this quest can be done as a very low level (lvl 8). Hard part will be to find the windswept rocks not in the middle of aggros. But there are with a little luck .. ^_^

Erollisi Day occurs annually around Valentine's Day (Feb. 14th).
This article refers to things only available in-game during the event.
(Introduced in 2005)

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