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This is the second quest for The Tribunal. It is started by Justinian Theo in Timorous Deep.

The first person I need to speak with is Zherran Tzizzink the Field Investigator. She can be found in The Enchanted Lands on the docks. Loc: -22, 0, 48 .

  1. Speak with Zhemp Whardo near Deputy Kegie. Loc: -206, 0, -347
  2. Speak with Moh Tzorwith near Deputy Huckfar. Loc: 50, 1, -404
  3. Speak with Carlee Besser near Chaplain Graveguzzle. Loc: 283, 6, -240
  4. Speak with Lahree Neif near Deputy Blumble. Loc: 221, 15, -475

Next you must check your notes before speaking with Inspector Tzizzink again. Do this by clicking on the note in your inventory. Go back to the Inspector to give her your answer, Carlee Besser.

Return to Timorous Deep and speak with Justinian Theo again for your reward.

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