Court of Truth: Sphinx Hunt  

This quest is given by Ishara, Caliph of Truth in the Court of Truth after you complete the quest Court of Truth: Ishara's Search.

The first task is to gather 20 Beryllium Clusters and 20 Rough Nacre from mining stones in The Pillars of Flame. You can also buy these on brokers commonly. After receiving these you must visit the Steward of the Vizier in the Tower of the Moon.

The Steward then has a few tasks for you. You must first kill 25 Raef Ew Lizardmen in the Sinking Sands. You must then kill 15 Anaz Mal Diviners in the Sinking Sands, then speak to the Steward again. After this you must kill 50 Orcs in the Clefts of Rujark.

You must then draw out and trap a Sphinx in the Sinking Sands. Head to ( -1329, -188, -1130 ) in the Sinking Sands and plant staves in the five rocks. Once you have done this Altairenanhk, the Sphinx will spawn and attack. He is a 55^^^ Heroic single mob encounter. Kill him and return to Ishara for your choice of rewards.

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