Menial Tasks...  

  1. Nyran has sent me on a mission to seek out some reports from the other city's cells! I will need to search around each city till I find the standard report receptacle. I need to keep my eyes open for those Ebon Mask assassins!
  2. The chest you need to click on for each update is the same as was found in Nektulos Forest. Then a level 83^ Ebon Mask attacker spawns, kill it for another update. You can run away once aggro-ing it, then it becomes non-aggro and can deal with it when you're ready.
    • Chest locations, in order:
      1. Neriak: -102, 21, -9 in Indigo Hollow
      2. Gorowyn: 2593, 87, 1333 off the first stop from the elevator from ground level
      3. North Qeynos: 480, -20, -380 Within the new map system, NQ's map is split in 2 parts, the loc is on the northern map.
      4. South Freeport: -182, -30, 280
  3. I should return to the Halls of the Unseen and bring these reports to Nyran!

Demonstration of Loyalty The Ruins of Guk
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