Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 18g
Max Coin: 18g, 30s
Summon: Servant of Thule
Faction Changes:

This is the third quest in the Cazic Thule deity line.

As with the previous quests, speak with Danak Dhorentath in Butcherblock Mountains He will send you to Lesser Faydark to speak with Zha Gu'Lau. He can be found just west of the entrance to Greater Faydark. ( -407, -34, 51 )

  1. He will ask you to slay the brownie patrols west of Tunare's Grove. These can be found in the following locations.
    1. Western patrol, around -400, -40, -120
    2. Southern patrol, around -400, -30, -5
    3. Eastern patrol, around -540, -45, 5
  2. Return to Zha Gu'Lau and speak with him again.
  3. Now you have to kill treespirits. These are southeast of Zha Gu'Lau around -535, -40, 340 .
  4. After this, kill brownie sages near Panderpana ( -700, -50, -150 ). One kill updated the quest for me and was all I needed, but this may vary.

Once all of this has been done, return to Zha Gu'Lau for your god pet!

The Sins of Butcherblock Cazic-Thule
Quest Series
Somborn Spirits
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