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In the Queen's Colony, there is a statue at the bottom of the bay floor. It is located between the waterfall & the beach with the Goblin Saboteurs on it--more or less directly in front of the waterfall at LOC: 4.34, -12.56, -80.38.

Quest text:

"I found a statue under the waters of the isle that appears to be a lesser deity named Lasydia. After reading the inscription chiseld on it I feel a great need to make the waters around me safer. My immediate thought is to remove the threat to others that the razortooth sharks pose.

It is Lasydia's desire that I slay 5 razortooth sharks."

You will be given a 12 minute water breathing buff. It's recommended that you kill them while this water breathing buff is active. The spawns are sparse and it's difficult to find them without it.

After killing the 5th shark, you will be rewarded with a Castaway Sash.

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