Reinforcing a Relic  

NOTE: This quest upgrades your Dwarven Work Boots into an updated pair and once you finish, you will no longer have the original that was obtained from quest These Boots Were Made For....

If you sold your original Dwarven Work boots you may buy them back from on the Nektulos forest docks.

This quest is initiated by examining the item "Leather Insoles", which is a uncommon drop from Garanel Rucksif, The Cursed which is the last named mob in the Estate of Unrest.

You will need to find a tailor who might have skill with such things. The Dwarf you need is none other than Hwal Rucksif, the fellow you probably talked to a long time ago in the Keep of the Ardent Needle in Antonica when you got your Dwarven Work Boots. He tells you that the worksmanship on the insoles is that of Kaladim, and when he finds out that you have killed Garanel and broken the curse, he is more than happy to upgrade your boots for you.

If you have the boots with you, hail him once more to complete the quest and collect your reward. If not, return with the boots to finish.

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