Irontoe Sabotage  

Related Zones:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 54s
Max Coin: 60s

Note: This quest is only available to residents of Freeport.

This quest is given by Hucklethin Gorsefoot in Antonica after you complete the Delivery for Hucklethin quest (see related quests). He wanders from the mending building to the Archer's Woods.

1. Go to the Antonican Docks to zone into Graystone Yard.

2. From Graystone Yard, zone into Qeynos Harbor.

3. Once zoned into Qeynos Harbor, you will not see the guards (lvl35^^^) because they are standing around the corner. I was a lvl34 Dirge and able to Sneak past them.

4. Stay to the right and jump into the canal. Swim underwater to get to the Fence NPC; you will find a hole in the wall to your left. Click the barrel directly behind this NPC. Stay invisible while doing this because the guards above ground can sense ya.

5. Leave the room and head north back to where you came from at the Graystone Yard gate. Then, head east to the enter the Down Below.

6. From the Down Below, zone into North Qeynos.

7. In North Qeynos, there are 2 roaming lvl70 Captains and a few roaming lvl55 guards; the guards can see thru sneak, stealth, and invisibility. The kill on sight of the captains and guards is not high but still keep your distance. Just be patient and you will do fine. Progress north to the Armorer shop.

8. There are 3 forges. Right click each forge until you have the "use forge" option to left click. Then you will get a window asking if you want to place the sulfur on the forge.

9. Back track to enter the Down Below. Then zone into a town zone to get to Antonica.

10. Go to the Steppes griffon tower and head straight north to the waypoint (-1855.42, -21.56, -202). 3 lvl26 (triple down arrow) guards will spawn once you go inside the burnt down building.

11. You receive your reward. A very nice bit of AA exp too.

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