Kleron's Earring  

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Spike of Condensed Mist
Stud of Condensed Mist
Earstud of Condensed Mist
Facet of Condensed Mist

This is one of several new armor quests from Kleron Asana in the Nektulos Forest, which can be done in any order. He is in the camp accross the J'Rais Bridge from The Commonlands zone. For this quest he asks you to:

  1. Make a potion and you have to gather the components for it.
  • You will need to gather 10 rancid roots from rancid roots around Nektulos.
Note: They are random updates, so be prepared to harvest from quite a few rancid roots and yo must have at least a 90 in gathering to harvest these nodes. Note:The vials of venom seem to be an uncommon to semi-rare drop.
  • You will then be asked to harvest polluted natural gardens until you obtain 20 quest updates.
Note: you must have at least a 90 in gathering to harvest these nodes

Once you have the fungi, return to Kleron and you'll be rewarded with a Shadewoven Earring and experience.

Nektulos Forest
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Kleron's Wrist-Guards
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