A Hint of Fear  

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Related Items:
animal guts
Livestock Foodstuff Crate
Min Coin: 54s
Max Coin: 60s
Humble Altar of Cazic Thule
Choice Of:
Thule's Silvered Band
Thule's Gemmed Ring
Faction Changes:

This is the first quest in the Cazic Thule deity line.

Firstly, travel to The Thundering Steppes and speak to Zha Gu'Lau in Village of Thundermist ( 520, 10, -100 ).

  1. He will ask you to kill and gut a pig. Find the pig located at 560, 2, -140 and right-click to kill it. Once that's done, right-click again to gut it.
  2. Take the guts to the northwest house of the village ( 590, 2, -150 , First bed on the right). Once you have done this return to Zha Gu'Lau and speak with him again.
  3. He will now drop a body that you need to pick up. Take the corpse to the barn you visted earlier located at 565, 2, -140 . Look in your inventory for an item by the name of The corpse of Jehro Trammul. Right-click and use it in the barn.
  4. Return to Zha Gu'Lau. He will ask you to collect animal feed. If you go towards the griffon tower just outside the village ( 830, -1, -125 ) and turn left to follow the road towards the griffon fields, you'll find it easily. It appears as a various sized wooden crates. You also need a total of 8. I found that tabbing to change target helped a lot, as they didn't show up until I got close.
  5. Speak with Zha Gu'Lau again. Enter the two barns and place the feed on the trough in the corner. You need to right-click to perform this action. Once the animals enter, kill and gut them in the same manner as before (right-click to kill, then again to gut). You need a total of 6 animal guts in Village of Thundermist. There are three pigs and three cows. Killing respawns updates quest as well.
  6. Place the dead livestock in the beds around the village in the locations as follows (any order):
    1. 595, 2, -145
    2. 550, 1, -80

Return to Zha Gu'Lau for your reward. This will give you an altar, your choice of 2 rings and also open up the second quest in the Cazic Thule deity line.

Quest Series
The Sins of Butcherblock
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