Custom Fitted Armor - Part I  

This is the Tier 3 armor quest for evil aligned characters of the following classes:

  • Assassin (Chain)
  • Berserker (Plate)
  • Brigand (Chain)
  • Dirge (Chain)
  • Guardian (Plate)
  • Inquisitor (Plate)
  • Shadowknight (Plate)
  • Troubador (Chain)
  • Beastlord (Chain)

For armor quests for other classes and alignments, see Armor Quest Series.

Begin with Dyric Pire in East Freeport (Bowyer Shop). You must kill the following mobs in Commonlands:

  • 18 Fallen Guardians (at the Ruins of Val'marr around 433.90, -54.31, 478.89 )
  • Anders Blackhammer at the Crossroads. -523, -44, -302 He is a level 20^ solo mob.

After completing this task return to Dyric Pire for your reward.

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