Beetle Herding - Act I  

Grants AA
CategorySinking Sands
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a bug zapper
Min Coin: 66s, 19c
Max Coin: 73s, 32c

Players reported in July 2011 that this quest may still not give updates for the tarantulas eating the scarabs.

This quest is given by Xilla Beetlebinder on the path that leads from the ocean to the deset area -923, -145, -343

It should be noted that this series does not reward armor, but instead each unlocks a piece of armor for sale by Xilla Beetlebinder.

The first step is to frighten a skittish scarab into the tarantulas to obtain a pristine carapace with a Battle Prod that he gives you. You do this by simply brushing against them while you have the beetle prod that Xilla gives to you. Just nudge them to the tarantula area at -1038, -112, -577 and the tarantulas will eat them.

After they have eaten the scarab it will leave a carapace that you can take to advance the quest. After this return to Xilla Beetlebinder. This opens up the Beetle Herding - Act II quest.

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