Grobin Strike  

Gomphum says the Grobins are coming from the northwestern passage, and that Grobins Pengo and Turkrik are their leaders. I should take these Grobins out to help the Shroomba.

  1. Both grobins can be found down the tunnel directly west of Gomphum.
    • The first grobin assault planner is Turkrik, found in the Shroomba caves at 18, -43, -294 .
    • Turkrik is level 8, accompanied by a lvl 8 Crushbone emissary.
  2. The second grobin assault planner is Pengo, found in the same caves at 115, -46, -289 .
    • He is very hard to spot as he is sleeping on a mat in the back of the cave.
    • Pengo is a lvl 8.
  3. Return to Gophum.

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