Surveyor Says  

Grants AA
CategoryEnchanted Lands
Completed Quest: Start of Something Big
Not Complete Quest: Surveyor Says
Related Zone:
Min Coin: 27s, 67c
Max Coin: 29s, 97c
Choice Of:
Jumjum Soaked Scholar's Wristband
Jumjum Soaked Soldier's Wristband
Jumjum Soaked Shepard's Armband
Jumjum Soaked Sleuth's Wristband

This quest is given by Deputy Nettlebrine at the docks after you complete the Start of Something Big quest. You must scout four locations in the Enchanted Lands:

  • Fae Island -530, -0.4, 66 , to right of docks if facing out.
  • The Riverwatch} -171, -1.8, -281 or -194, 0.59, -275 , small hill overlooking Rivervale
  • The Granary Hill 203, 8.3, -240
  • Runnyeye Ward 166, -5.7, -420

After scouting all four return to Deputy Nettlebrine for your reward. Speaking to him again will open up the What's This Thing Do quest.

Start of Something Big Enchanted Lands
Quest Series
What's This Thing Do?
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