Stiletto's Orders Intercepted  

You must be at least level 25 to start this quest.

This is the quest for the Manastone. You must be level 25+ to initiate this quest. You initiate it by examining Stiletto's Orders. This item is dropped by a Ratonga named Stiletto in the Thundering Steppes as a body drop. Stiletto spawns in the river valley just south of the Giant / Gnoll bridge and wanders across the bridge and on both sides. His spawn location is at 486, -1, 1077 .

Enter the Cove of Decay and kill The Octagorgon. After doing this you can swim to the ocean floor and you will find some interactive chests on the ground. Examine the one that it allows you to and you will find a partially digested hand. (Note do not examine the hand it will make it imposible to complete the quest) Only one person has to do this.

Once you have the partially digested hand you must head onto the beach and you will find a Firepit. The person who has the hand can interact with the remains in the Firepit. This will spawn a level 31-32 ^^^ Heroic mob, Captain Ulssissaris. Kill him and the quest will update.

You must then head to the Ruins of Varsoon and examine an interactive book on a table in the Chambers at 263, 1, 118 in the workshop of the enchanter.

You must then kill Weavemaster Esh'Rax in the Ruins of Varsoon 18, 4, 99 . He spawns in the tailor room. He will drop a recipe for the Shroud of the Manastone and the Enchanted Linen of the Weavemaster. To make the Shroud of the Manastone Recipe, you'll need to be at least Artisan level 9 and combine the following on a sewing table:

You must create one. FYI - The Sewing Table DOES NOT work in the Weavemaster's area!

After this you must kill Varsoon the Undying in the Chamber of Immortality, another instanced dungeon. You can do the optional access quest, Where Will This Lead Me, but it is not necessary anymore. It is important to note that you must loot the stone from a chest in a small room off of the main room, after Varsoon dies.

When you first enter the dungeon you cannot attack Varsoon. He becomes targetable after the Ethereal Fiend is killed.

Timesaver! This quest has steps, hunting areas, or mob targets in common with the following quest(s).

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