Somborn Spirits  

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Ysa's Locket
Ysa's Belongings
Min Coin: 27g, 50s
Max Coin: 31g, 10s
Danak's Altar of Cazic Thule
Choice Of:
Thulian Band
Thulian Ring
Faction Changes:

This is the fourth quest in the Cazic Thule deity line.

After speaking with Danak Dhorentath, you need to travel to Loping Plains. Once there, make your way to Somborn Village and speak with Zha Gu'Lau ( -355, 15, 40 ) again... this guy gets around a bit, huh?

  1. He will tell you a story of someone called Ysa, and then ask you to find her grave. It is in one of several locations in the fog hills. They should all be northeast of Somborn Village. There are several burial sites across these hills. When you harvest them, there is a chance you either get the update, or spawn a trap mob, a disturbed spirit (62vv).
    1. First loc: -518.07, -8.85, -149.88
    2. Second loc: -491.90, -12.97, -140.39
    3. Third loc: -379.40, -11.32, -150.76
    4. (more locations are possible, but I received the update on the second)
  2. Return to Zha Gu'Lau. He tells you of a book that details this persons life. He asks you to find it and read it.
  3. Find "Tragedy of Ysa", -390, 10, -90 (North of Zha) and read it. Once you have done that, return to Zha Gu'Lau.
  4. He asks you to summon her father's spirit. Go to the bridge over Wayunder Lake ( -560, 10, -75 ) and use the scroll. A spirit will spawn above you, right-click it and select "Place Amulet". John Dondrael's spirit will come out of the lake and settle to the side of the bridge.
  5. Speak to John and retrieve the belongings next to the bridge ( -560, -15, -60 ). Belongings are dropped right next to John after you talk to him.
  6. Return to Zha Gu'Lau. He will ask you to place the belongings in various locations around the village:
    1. Drop the jewelery box near Vinatori, -389, 9, -84
    2. Drop the scarf near a house, -335.5, 14.5, -6.6
    3. Drop the hairbrush near the church, -388, 12, -58
  7. Once this is done, return to Zha Gu'Lau for a new altar and your choice of 2 rings.

Forsaken Cazic-Thule
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