Questionable Merchandise  

Grants AA
CategorySinking Sands
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 3g, 10c
Max Coin: 3g, 23s, 33c
Shimmering Gem of Striking
Choice Of:
Weapon Belt of the Desert Sword
Weapon Belt of the Dunestalker
Weapon Belt of the Sun Priest
Weapon Belt of the Sandmage

This is the fourth in a series of quests from Ghassan the Trader at the Sinking Sands docks. It is given after you complete the Venomous Venture quest. You must:

  • Gather 4 pieces of Decrepit Ghoul Flesh from Decrepit Ghouls ( -1400, 0, -800 )
  • Gather 8 Glyphskull Skeleton Skulls

After doing this return to Ghassan the Trader to open up the "A Delicate Matter" quest.

Venomous Venture The Sinking Sands
Quest Series
A Delicate Matter
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