The Adventure of the Celestial Acolyte  

Game Update #48
Breaking Ground
Live: Sept. 3, 2008

Shepherd Mainyan Fairwind is ready to begin investigations as the Celestial Watch bone chip collection approaches 100% full!

  1. Maybe one of the pilgrims at the Temple of Life saw something suspicious.
    • Speak to a dwarf pilgrim. She'd like a cup of tea.
    • Buy a Calming Chamomile Tea from Baker Voleen at 280, -16, 28 in North Qeynos for 38c.
    • Take it back to the pilgrim.
    • Question the merchants and citizens of Qeynos about the Acolyte the dwarf pilgrim saw.
    • Talk to Voleen again, she was helpful.
    • Talk to Stable Hand Stonebear in South Qeynos
    • Talk to Bog Valorheart in North Qeynos.
  2. Go to Enchanted Lands. You must speak Stout, the Halfling language, for this next bit. (You can get a Stout Language Primer from Wazzleburn in The Baubbleshire.
  3. You walk onto the dock in front of the alter and the quest updates you then get red text telling you to head west along the beach
  4. Head west along the beach following the red text until you come to the wall next to Sir tatters.
  5. Head up the wall a little ways past him and there's a small camp, this should update your quest again and tell you to keep going north
  6. Once you reach the Lazy Drain water way more red text will pop up and tell you to go east along the water...
  7. Go east up the river through the bears if they're of your level OR go back to the docks and follow the path to the small bridge that leads up to the Rivervale zone
  8. The dead acololyte is under the bridge, target him and you'll get a quest update and a note, Unsealed Note from the Seeress.
  9. The note tells you to find an item in the storm reapers this point you will need to speak the Stout language
  10. Head up the Lazy Drain to the Tagglefoot Farms
  11. At the Tagglefoot farms you'll see Jubbs Tagglefoot inside the House, he gives you a sub quest (Carrots for the Trotters) to pick up some carrots.
    • The carrots can be found in his field, but watch out for the scarecrows!
    • After you collect the carrots you need to go gather up 3 of his startled mini trotters just off behind the farm.
    • Return to Jubs.
  12. He updates your main quest and asks that you head back to the Temple of Life in North Qeynos and speak with the Shepherd

Rewards vary by level, but include some kind of baked goodie from Voleen, like Voleen's Fresh-Baked Cinnamon Roll and Voleen's Delectable Cinnamon Roll.

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