Petrified Pumpkin Pies  

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Min Coin: 30s, 78c
Max Coin: 33s, 9c
slice of pumpkin pie

In 2011 this quest was changed to be repeatable once per year.

Having two versions of this quest series in your completed journal will make them not repeatable once per year. You will have to petition to get one set of the quests removed to fix this. Alternatively, you can do this yourself by going into your Antonica completed quests category and highlighting the old version of the duplicate quests. This will remove them for you automatically.

Speak to Ponchy Shorttoe at Windstalker Village in Antonica ( -1891, -38, -557 ) to begin this quest.

Ponchy is concerned about what happened to McQuibble's Farm. He wants you to investigate this mystery.

  1. Head south from Ponchy and go the McQuibble's Farm. Enter the farm house and your quest will update around -1857,-21,-210 .
  2. Investigate the three fields to the southwest of the farm house.
    • Click on a clump of soil around -1689, -16, -77 for your update
  3. Investigate the two fields to the northeast of the farm house.
    • Click on a clump of soil around -2004,-13,-276 for your update
  4. Find and question the McQuibbles and anyone else in Windstalker Village who could shed some light on the pumpkin blight.
    • Speak to Angelina McQuibble at -1821, -38, -530 (inside the building right beside Yoru the Old)
    • Speak to Bobby McQuibble at -1935, -36, -614
    • Speak to Old Man McQuibble at -1899, -36, -609
    • Speak to Merle Trevine at -1934, -36, -602
  5. Return to Ponchy to share what you've learned. He suggests that you speak to the professor.
  6. Speak with Professor Heribert at -1924, -36, -610

Professor Heribert will now offer you the McQuibble's Mystery quest.

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