Infiltrating the Sanctum: Emissary Kvikz  

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CategorySanctum of the Scaleborn
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Inactive Listening Crystal
Min Coin: 13g, 59s, 50c
Max Coin: 15g, 4s, 95c
Inactive Listening Crystal

This quest is initiated by talking to Emissary Kvikz at the entrance of Sanctum of the Scaleborn. Kvikz, while an Emissary of Freeport, is working with a Qeynosian Green Hood by the name of Thorn to find out information about this place and the dragons. Kvikz gives you 4 "Inactive Listening Crystals", and ask you to perform the following six tasks.

  1. - Kill Portal Guard Graliz, 15,155,-72
  2. - Place the first crystal in the Ready Room
  3. - Place the second crystal in the Ready Room
  4. - Place the third crystal in the Ready Room
  5. - Place the fourth crystal in the Ready Room

Return to Kvikz who will then send you to get:

The crystals in the Scaleborn Barracks are:

  • 3 are on the floor in corners of the room.
  • 4th is on a step going down into the center close to one of the water pots.

The crystals in the Oratorium are:

  • on a step (riser beside step) at the center platform (on the right of the western side facing east).
  • 2 are on columns close to the center platform at about eye level

Sanctum of the Scaleborn
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Infiltrating the Sanctum
Infiltrating the Sanctum: Kvikz's Assignment
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