A Thief in the House of Blades  

This quest is a sub-quest of Welcome to the Peacock Club and is initiated by examining the Service Entrance Key to the House of Blades. This key is dropped by a Palace Sweeper which spawns at ( -230, +160, -131 ) and then paths towards the arena. The Court the sweeper belongs to is random so you may have to go through a good number of them to get the correct key.

You must then sneak into the Court of the Blades using the service entrance on the side of the Court. Once inside you must clear the mobs in the zone or invis by them, working your way up to click the banner case. You must then examine three objects in the zone: A book (on mid-level), a painting (in other room on mid-level) and a scroll (on top of the safe downstairs). You must then exit the zone. This must all be done from start to finish in under 5 minutes. We suggest using invisibility.

You must then kill the following mobs:

  • 1. Track down Historian Ameer and take his key. ( A Blades Historian in Maj'Dul)
  • 2. Track down Historian Kaldara and take his key. A lizardman in Sinking Sands (random drop from any type)
  • 3. Track down Historian Ganish and take his key. The Raj'Dur Raiders that will autopop after examining the skeleton bones on the side of the dune near the Bay of Anuk. ( -997, -96, -1199 )

After this return to the Court of the Blades and visit the banner case once again and then exit the zone to complete the quest.

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