Weapon Break  

CategoryTimorous Deep
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Related Items:
Min Coin: 50c
Max Coin: 66c
Choice Of:
Spiritualist's Shoulderpads
Vicar's Pauldrons
Evoker's Shoulderpads
Bodyguard's Shoulders
Marshall's Pauldrons
Windcaller's Shoulderpads
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You'll see Di`ki on your way to find Tertiary Dih`ha for the quest War.

Di'ki wants you to go inside Pyrrin Roost and spray acid on the Haoaeran weapons. Spray five weapons and return for your reward.

Find weapons throughout the camp (like at 293, 83, 194 or 367, 87, 221 ) and right click them to spray acid on them. You can do this without breaking stealth.

Timorous Deep
Quest Series
Pyrrin Roost

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