The Saboteur of Peace  

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a totem
Merrek's Altar of Quellious
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This is the fourth quest in the Quellious deity quest series.

Pacificator Merrek asks you to sit with him for a while and talk. He tells you more about the beliefs of followers of Quellious and then sends you to speak with Trader Darmlin, who is found down on the Butcherblock docks at , inside of a hut.

Darmlin is all in a huff about his fruit, and in order to help him out, you need to find his helper, Tjek -312.82, 150.27, 194.36 . Tjek is found off of the path going towards thequarry (northwest of Lesser Faydark zone). It seems he's injured and he needs you to gather some good fruit. You do this by gathering from the trees in the area, most of the time you will pick bad fruit, so just keep it up until you get 5 good fruit, then return it to Darmlin. Darmlin will give you some rotten fruit as a reward, you must take this back to Merreck.

Merrek examins the rotten fruit and notices something strange about it He sends you to search the area the fruit grows in to look for anything out of the ordinary. You are looking for a totem which can be found anywhere between the quarry, the zone to Lesser Faydark, and the area towards The Estate of Unrest. Reported locations include:''

  • -464, 140, 421
  • -430, 151, -73
  • -535, 112, 594
  • -455, 141, 412
  • -290, 147, 251
  • -435, 147, 398
  • -401, 150, 79
  • -556, 106, 565

Merrek gives you a seed and asks you to plant it in the Loping Plains to bring peace. You want a spot of dirt in the Village of Somborn, which is found just behind the provisioner -405, 12, 5 . Return to Merrek.

You now have to gather water from the base of the river in Greater Faydark (Merrek is a demanding little fellow, isn't he?). This is the pool at the base of Tunare's Sapling -48, -11, 68 (swim to the bottom here). Take the water back to the seed that you planted in Loping Plains, and your quest is complete.

Your reward is Merrek's Altar of Quellious and this opens up the final quest in the series, The Gathering.

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