Berik's Revenge  

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Started ByBerik, Sword of Thunder
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Berik, Sword of Thunder

This quest is initiated by examining the Sword of Thunder. This item is dropped randomly on all monsters in Stormhold. Completing this quest will allow you to upgrade your Bone Bladed Claymore to Electrified Bone Bladed Claymore, if/when you complete The Bone Bladed Claymore. This item can drop on *BOTH* bodies and in chests.

EDITOR's NOTE: This item drops on BOTH bodies and chests. I am repeating this twice because despite reading this in the spoiler and comments stating this many times by different readers we continue to be asked this same question. It is confirmed that it drops on both.
Upon first inspecting it, you discover that it's a talking sword with the soul of one of the knights of old, by the name "Berik", embedded in it. He then sends you off on a quest to prove your worth to wield him.
  1. Kill 100 Knights.
    • Any skeleton in Stormhold will do. After killing them you need to inspect the sword.
  2. Kill 3 named bosses in Stormhold:
    • Blacksmith Brigg, who forged him, at -138, -1, -46
    • Battlepriest Alexandria, who blessed him, at -49, -24, -74
    • Defiled Lord Byron, who gave the order to forge him, at -45, 9, -40
  3. Inspect the sword, again, and your done.

Guardians: If you hope to one day complete your Epic Weapon Quest and receive Vel'Arek, you MUST do this quest as the Electrified Bone Bladed Claymore is one of the items required by the quest!

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