The Rift  

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CategoryVillage of Shin
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Required Mobs:
Lu Sywaka's meditation focus stone
Tanaan Portal Device

This quest requires completing Brother Lycabe's Trial: Knowledge of a Lost City and Brother Pang's Trial: Combating Corruption.

It is next to last in the series of quests given inside the tower located in The Village of Shin from the Fallen Dynasty Adventure pack and is called "The Rift." Completing it gives you access to the top level of the tower.

Lu Sywaka has tasked me with finding out more information about the place beyond the portal. Surely there will be more information somewhere within the port itself.

  1. Head out to the Mystic Lake to the Mystic Isle, down to the underwater entrance to the Forsaken City at -264.67, -41.84, 51.22 .
  2. Head down and kill Zin'vra, the Portal Keeper at 49.34, -89.4, -4.6 to gain access to Nizara, City of the Nayad.
  3. Search for the "Clues" that Master Lu Sywaka has sent you to find:
    • 65.85, -69.92, 25.46 - on top of the red dresser
    • -46.31, -33.18, -26.09 - on top of a bookshelf with other non-clickable books
    • 59.08, -22.71, 6.94 - on top of a red chest
    • 0.82, -24.04, 84.74 - on top of a small red dresser
  4. Upon finding the fourth book and reading it, you will be granted a Lu Sywaka's Meditation Focus Stone. Using this will call Master Lu Sywaka to you to continue with the quest.
  5. Head to 0.29, 1.73, 5.99 and kill Mistress Zhvari, Nizari'zhi. She hits very hard. To get to her, find your way to the top level and kill both K'hazid 38, 15.3, -23.3 and K'huthas -36.3, 15.3, -21.7 . Doing so will cause the forcefield wall behind the other named to disappear, allowing you to jump down to the named.
  6. Return to Master Lu Sywaka for your reward.

Brother Lycabe's Trial: Knowledge of a Lost City
Brother Pang's Trial: Combating Corruption
Fallen Dynasty
Quest Series
Tower of the Four Winds
A Vision of the Future
The Master of the Fluttering Wing
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