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This quest is available after you complete the 999 Year Old Port quest. It begins on the Smarmy Sprocket (the boat).

Speak with Heron Cogcarrier at the docks in Commonlands or Sparrow Cogcarrier at (-2393, -39, -342) in Antonica and then highlight the small rowboat next to them.

  • Speak with Master Chief Gearspanner on the top level of the ship. He will ask you to check with the rest of the crew to see if they are ready to get under way.

  • Smith the Cook will ask you to balance the weight of the ship by moving 5 crates of different sizes. To complete, the "extra large" and "very small" crates should be opposite the other 3 crates. Note: the crates have to be pushed completely to either statbord or port sides (you can tell if you cannot push them anymore).

  • Greedu the Cabin Boy will have you read over some notes and try to determine the course back to the island. You will then have to plot said course into the navigation system located next to the Master Chief. To get the direction correct, you will have to read the tome and interpret the constellations. This step is a bit random, so be prepared to figure it out. Talk with navigator after plotting course to complete this task.
1. Read the Captain's log and notes on the table next to Greedu, making note of the specific order of the constellations. 2. Grab the tome and the periscope on the table. Head upstairs to the helm next to the Master Chief. 3. Read through the tome and locate the descriptions of the constellations so that you will be able to identify them when looking through the periscope. 4. Use the periscope and rotate North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest until you find what looks like the 1st constellation, according to it description in the tome. Set the helm for that direction. 5. Use the periscope, rotating in all directions, and find the 2nd constellation according to its description in the tome. Set the helm for that direction. Repeat for the remaining constellation(s). 6. After the course for the last constellation is set, you will get a message saying that the course has been successfully plotted. Go back down and talk to Greedu.

  • Bosun Patches asks you to kick the living crap out of the sail engine to his right until its running. To complete, just double-click the unti as quickly as possible. Talk to Bosun Patches to complete once engine is running.

  • Optional: you can talk with Blendrap the Engineer to get historical reference about the ship and its crew.

  • Return to the Master Chief and talk with him saying that the crew is ready. Then pull the lever between him and the navigation system. This will take you to the instanced zone "The Prison of Admiral Gridgadget".

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