The Legend of Roger Goldie: The Adventure Begins  

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Game Update #55
February 16,2010

A pirate named Ol' Man Silvers wants you to help solve the riddle of Roger Goldie's treasure. You'll originally meet him at 321, 190, 424 near the Highland Outposts in Butcherblock Mountains.

  1. Get to level 32 and join Silvers in Butcherblock Mountains near the entrance to Greater Faydark ( -1019, 99, -424 ) . The Griffons provide the fastest way there.
  2. Meet Silvers in the Steamfont Mountains. He will go ahead of you and talk to the inhabitants.
    • Take the griffon to the Lesser Faydark Station. The entrance to Steamfont Mountains from Butcherblock is at -766, 100, 374 .
    • Take a Travel Disc 5000, and meet him at the foot of the climbing wall to Gnomeland Security Headquarters ( -643, 132, 941 )
  3. Speak to him and the quest completes.

The Legend of Roger Goldie
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The Legend of Roger Goldie: Some Like It Hot
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