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This is the final of a series of quests that culminates in granting the Poet's Palace access. It is given by the Caretaker in the Shimmering Citadel after you have completed the following quests

The Master's Museum, Visit the Scriptorium and The Caretaker.

You must first gather three ground spawn items by harvesting them in the following locations:

  • the pillow of a corrupt merchant: Spawns randomly in Maj'Dul in merchants tents. It looks like a red pillow and is only visible to those on the quest. Reported at 60.60, 139, -67 , 119.22, 140.01, -71.68 , -71, 149.81, -138.37 and -248, 135, -15 .
  • the meditation mat of a monk: Spawns near The Great Bonsai (on the Ashen Diciple Islands) in the The Pillars of Flame. The location is random. Confirmed at: 308, 167, -1665 , 151,-189, -1627 , and 188, -190, -1695 .
  • A Phoenix Egg: Spawns near The Table of Eyes and The Seer Stone in the The Pillars of Flame. This is in the middle of many angry cyclops. (known spawns: -24.24, -45.13, -399.13 or 57.45, -58.04, -401.95 or -149.56, -55.22, -528.65 or -149, -55, -528 .)
  • a chalice of Akhet Aken: Spawns in random locations throughout The Living Tombs (confirmed at -451, 23, 344 ). It tends to spawn on top of towers an on ledges. Also spawns at -191, 33, 281 on top of a building in the left corner, up the oily wall at -438, 0, 356 or at -377.33, 26.46, 496.16 , at -193, 33.59, 282.70 in the Statue Court, at -432, 22, 359 up the first wall of Residence Court on a ledge and on a ledge in Residence Court at -43.24, 22.35, 360.38 .

After this return to the Caretaker. She will then instruct you to goto The Tower of the Moon in Maj'Dul and retrieve two special Djinn Bottles. These are only found in a special instance of the Tower - the Tower of the Moon: Infiltration. This is a solo instance filled with level 55-57 mobs. In this instance there are two djinnibottles, one on the second and on on the third floor. You must harvest these. What The Caretaker conviently neglected to mention is that the Tower (in this instance) has security now and they are none too pleased by your intrusion. All the mobs are 'aggro' and will attack you so be prepared - and remember it is a solo instance so your friends can't help you on this step!

Once you have both Djinn Bottles, return to the Shimmering Citadel and punish the Caretaker for her treachery. First speak to her and then kill her.

This completes the Poet's Palace access quest series. You can enter The Poet's Palace through the mirror behind the Caretaker. You also receive a level 57 Adept I spell.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This quest used to give a level 57 Master I spell. Those who did this quest previously keep those spells, but it only rewards you with an Adept I now.

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