Scratches needs Patches  

This is a Guide Quest. On Live servers it can only be received from a Guide. On Test there are no guides so NPCs exist there to give out the quests. Information regarding Starting Zone and Mob are from Test.

This quest is started by the NPC Tom Frobisher.

  1. Gather 20 roots (can be tuber, belladonna, or tussah). The "You gather 3 (whatever roots)" counts as 3, so you don't necessarily need 20 nodes.
  2. Gather 10 tea leaves (can be green, black, or oolong). Multiple node hits applies here, too.
  3. Kill 5 scarecrows for their jute cloth. Not an auto-ding -- loot these from the corpses of scarecrows.
  4. Leave the material for delivery in Jacques' mail chest in TS. ( 238.18, 33.90, -1024.09 )

Ta-da! Steaming Jumjum Pie for everyone!

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