Operation Green Hood  

This is the quest to gain access to the Deathfist Citadel. It is given by Shadow on the docks.

The first order of business is to talk to A Green Hood Trap Master outside of the outpost walls ( 211.20, -39.31, 197.88 ) .

After this you must kill orcs (Tallon Raiders nearby work well) until you have the four pieces of the map. After you have all four return to Shadow at the docks.

Shadow will then send you to speak to The Glademaster, far to the north, near a pond ( 342, -20, -464 ) . The glademaster requests you to kill a few monsters nearby. He asks you to kill:

  • 6 A Vallon Grunt ( 349.41, 12, -166.84 )
  • 2 A Vallon Loader At the front of the Vallon Lumbermill.
  • 4 A Vallon Builder Inside the Vallon Lumbermill.
  • Gurk Strongarm At the Vallon Lumbermill.

They can all be found in the same area, near 585, -25, -325 .

After killing all of your targets you should return to The Glademaster. He will at that point open up a new quest Into the Vallon Foundry. You must complete that quest before you can advance this quest any further.

After you complete the Vallon Foundry quest you must talk to Tusk in an Orc Stockade. Tusk can be reached by following the path SE until it turns North. The second door on the path will trigger 4 Orc Defenders that must be killed or trained before you can pass. You can sneak around the door by hugging the left zone wall. Tusk is in a tent at -208, -27, -82 .

After that you must find the lookout spire which is North of the Stockade. This is the large rock that you must climb up. When you reach the top you will notice a very small chest in the rubble at -24.22, 75.31, -366.25 . Examine it.

Finally you must go to Deathfist Citadel and swim in the moat and find the two grates leading to the sewer. These are located at 42.15, -42.21, -780.72 and 85.8, -44.05, -753.27 . After finding both you gain access to the Deathfist Citadel.

You receive a key at this point and you must choose whether to Give the Key to the Glademaster or Give the Key to Captain Vulis.

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