The Lost Artifacts  

This quest is given by Enekie Blazdine in Antonica. She is found near the NPC who sells the keys to the Condemned Catacomb ( -1180, 28, -964 ). You must complete three tasks in the Condemned Catacomb:

Your first task is to kill 15 goblins

Your second task is to kill the four Limestone Watchers. (This will trigger the spawn of Sub-Boss Vindiami the Ancient)

  • The Limestone Watchers are non-attackable at first. In the Limestone Watchers room there are four Brittle Bones stashed away in the walls. Two on each side which can be 'disturbed' and killed. (mouseover and leftclick). These Brittle Bones are level 26-27 ^^^ Heroic mobs.

  • The four Limestone Watchers can be found at:
    • -219.11, -0.10, -93.89
    • -161.90, -0.08, -93.79
    • -145.42, -0.05, -145.41
    • -200.39, -0.09, -60.38

Your third and final task is to find three statues. They can be found at:

  • -172, 0, -31
  • -145, 0, -73
  • -95, 0, -119

After completing all tasks return to Enekie Blazdine for your choice of earrings.

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