Into the Heart of Mistmoore  

In Mistmoore Catacombs

  1. Sir Trodonis wants you to search for a dwarf in the "basement of Castle Mistmoore." This is actually Mistmoore Catacombs. He's in the room with the non-aggro thralls in the other ascent (the one near all the werewolves. -86, -31, 83 .
  2. Go into the room right next to the dwarf and click a scroll. This is located at: -67, -31, 95 . The scroll is the same color as the wood, so it can be somewhat hard to see. And watch out for the set of vampires in there.
  3. Obtain a Dust of Recollection by killing any one of the following:
    • Head Maid Z'yra. She's at location: -97, -27, -66 . If you decide to get the dust from her, clear the room anyway as it's required for the next step.
    • A Burning Vampire (spawned during the Up In Flames quest)
    • Head Butler Z'ral. He's at location: -247, -21, -33 .
  4. Gather four bottles of blood of the Thrall. These are in the maid room as Libation Winery at -80, -26.10, -58.15 . They respawn in about a minute.
  5. Obtain four bottles of Evil Eye Bile. These are body drops off mobs in The Blood Forge -127.43, -27.70, -25.09 .
  6. Locate and take the Stein of Cohesion. This can be found at: -63, -28, -93 . To give you a better idea, it's near Kassar the Uncontrollable, the mob for Ghoulbane Empowered and Gogas Afadin.
  7. Find the Cauldron of Uzun. This is located at: -166, -30, 77 . Talk to the thing (no, I'm not kidding) to create the Liberation Libation. You can find this item in the Conversion Chamber.
  8. Once you have the Liberation Libation, head back to the dwarf. Just for ease of finding him, he's at: -86, -31, 83 . Give him the potion and he will run off towards the climbable wall. Just follow and talk to him to get your update.
  9. Now, you must find and kill a troll. Not any troll either, so you can't go on a killing spree in Freeport! Head back to The Blood Forge -127.43, -27.70, -25.09 and kill Xicotl. His placeholder also works for this update.
  10. Find and kill the officer of the basement servants. The mob you need for this is Seneschal D'naraz or his placeholder, a Mistmoore aide located at -204.86, -25, -15.73 .

In Mistmoore Castle

  1. Finally go into Castle Mistmoore. You can decide if this is a good thing or not!
  2. Find a chest, then pick up a book. This should all be around -90, 0, -20 . Be aware, this is inside a small room near the epicx2 named in the basement (reachable via main entrance). Invis can avoid aggro from the trash mobs.
  3. Gather pages for the Eternal Bloom book
    • Page 2: -135, 0, -48 (Room between ballroom and Vikmont)
    • Page 3: -156, -4, -88 (Kormak Syncal room)
    • Page 5: -74, 5, -50 (Sage Room)
    • Page 7: -244, 6, -17 (Expirimentation Chamber)
    • Page 8: -135, -5, 30 (Fountain room)
    • Page 10: -20, 4, 56 (Graf Koban room)
  4. Click the skull on the stick in The Secret Stash. This is a small room located at: -87, 0, 8 and is just before Vikomt D'Raethe (not where coffin and book were). This can be opened by clicking vase nearby.
  5. Get 10 pieces of drop of Mistmoore rust for each member of group (common chest drop from any living statue including those near small room) NOTE: as of 3/20/10 the statues must con to drop the chests.
  6. Click skull again and use rust on it.
  7. Read through your book in your inventory (Eternal Bloom). It is a silent update.
  8. Click portrait of Zanne on the wall. This is located at: -189, -9, -12 near entrance to Mistmoore Catacombs and is where Bloodsteel or his placeholder usually stands.
  9. Kill 9 named monsters or their placeholders in the castle to get updates (the following is ordered to match the quest journal):
    • "Find the heart of diamond on a sentry of pools or the stones of leering" by killing the Guardian of the Bath or any leering gargoyle e.g. in front of towers -177, 0, 0 (Basement, in the bathhouse just off Vikomt's chamber. Kill vampires to initiate the ring event and turn him attackable.) Lvl 75^^^
    • "Find the heart of emerald on a favored stone or the stones of jeering" by killing Ferox or any jeering gargoyle, including those in towers on the main floor ( 18, 12, -90 ) (Basement) Lvl 75^^^
    • Kill Komornik Syncall or his placeholder ( -151, -3, -93 ) near the gypsies.
    • "Find the token of harmony on the pianists or their master" by killing Deris L'Ibantcci or a mistmoore pianist ( 0, 41, 0 ) (Main Floor) Lvl 74^^^
    • "Find the token of virtue on a vanquisher" by killing Vanquisher B'Riareos or a mistmoore vanquisher ( -70, 41, 0 ) (Main Floor) Lvl 74^^^
    • "Find the token of eternity on the immortal artist or the soothsayers" by killing Mynthi Davissi or a gypsy soothsayer (Main floor, North Tower (opposite to Caitiff), kill everything to trigger)
    • Kill Pani Tanara Viswin or any gypsy performer (Ballroom)
    • "Find the token of bravery on the wretch or his kin" by killing The Devoted Caitiff or a forlorn caitiff ( -9, 32, 128 ) (Main floor, South Tower, kill everything there to trigger)
    • "Find the token of harvest on the lord of the plains or those who are honored" by killing Graf Koban or an honored lord -28.00, -5.00, 65.00 (Basement) Lvl 75^^^ where page 10 was
  10. Locate Mayong's bust -102, -5, 59 .
    • This is just down the hall to the South of the Vikomt's chamber.
    • Right click on it to recieve the Blade of Mistmyr.
    • This is the room adjacent to Fountain Room, Vikomt's chamber, and before Honored Lord. The bust is high up. Remember this and keep an eye out for it!
  11. Return to the chest and use the blade to open it. The chest is at -90, 0, -20 . This will let you collect Soulfire's blade.
  12. Return to Sir Trodonis in Butcherblock Mountains to complete the quest. This open's up the next quest in the series: A Freeport Overlord in Queen Lenya's Court.

The Stone Behind the Ankh Swords of Destiny
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A Freeport Overlord in Queen Lenya's Court
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