The Chain of Command  

CategoryTimorous Deep
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Min Coin: 2s, 86c
Max Coin: 3s, 18c
Lucent Gem of Prowess

Primary Sha`ki wants you to talk to Commander Vor`ork at the Gorowyn Docks. You can run overland, it's about due south and very close.

You're looking for Burrin Vor'ork at Faydedar Watch (aka the Docks) in Gorowyn ( 2386,18,1373 ) . You can go up the hill and in the main entrance to Gorowyn, then down tot he ground floor, out through Timorous Maw to the docks and he is right there, or you can go clockwise up the shore directly to the docks.

Step 3: Execution Timorous Deep
Quest Series
Gorowyn Beach Outpost
Mok Rent
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