Wisdom of the Flock  

Grants AA
CategoryPalace of the Awakened
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Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 18g, 85s, 15c
Max Coin: 20g, 15s, 40c
Wisdom of the Flock
Faction Changes:

You receive this quest when you examine the flickering note attached to the pillar on one side of the second climbable wall in the Palace of the Awakened. Approximate coordinates for the note are -16,59,7 .

  1. Kill aviaks in the Palace until you find a copy of the book "Wisdom of the Flock". Read it.
  2. Examine the large named statues in Palace of the Awakened, which are spread out on each level. Right-click on each and read the inscription to get the update.
    • Va're'nok the Swiff - western side of foyer at -116, 0.00, 132
    • Andan the Stalwart - eastern side of foyer at -60, 0.00, 132
    • Aeristok the Vanquisher - inside the circular waterfall at 0,0,0
    • Ampoel the Selfless at 144,58,1
    • Kruekil the Soaring at -15,87, 25
    • Vethos the Watchful at -15,87, -25
    • Ma'tal of the Fifth Wind - 6th floor
    • Chey'ruk the Vigilant - 6th floor
    • Inkarun the Decisive - 6th floor
    • Maer'sol the Caring - 6th floor
  3. Once you have all updates return to Arejo Cloudbreach to receive your reward.

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