Corruption in the Faydark  

Grants AA
Related Zones:
Required Mobs:
Band of Ironwood Bark
a void crystal fragment

  1. Talk to Arloona Delyssa in Lesser Faydark in Tunare's Grove at -249, -56, -383 .
  2. Talk to Rooleean Felodaan in Greater Faydark at -394, 15, 184 at the camp south of the Spires.
  3. Find Th'las Wildwood in Lesser Faydark at -146, -12, -41 a little southwest of Tunare's Grove.
  4. Go straight north across the road and over a cut out wood log bridge and straight on. Ironwood the Cruel (lvl 60^^^ Heroic) automatically spawns near -60, -17, -262 . Kill for update.
  5. Return to Rooleean Felodaan to receive the next quest, Making it Manifest.

Goddess, Orb, and Void
Quest Series
Making it Manifest
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