A Vision of Valor  

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Level100 (Scales)
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a valorian bloom
Journal of a Disciple of Marr
Valorian Bloom

This quest was part of the prelude event to the launch of GU56, which included the city of New Halas.

Quest Starters

This quest is no longer available, but the information is kept for historical purposes.

GOOD PLAYERS: You can begin this quest by speaking to a priest of Marr at:

    • 509, -32, -193 near The Temple of Life in North Qeynos
    • 150,111,97 near Captain R.K. Irontoe in Kelethin

EVIL PLAYERS: You can begin this quest by speaking to a harassed barbarian or a tormented barbarian at:

    • 45, 18, -36 within the Indigo Hollow in Neriak, City of Hate
    • 281,-4,94 outside of the Blood Haze Inn in West Freeport
    • 2364,7,1417 on the docks of Gorowyn in Timorous Deep

I spoke to a worshiper of Marr, who revealed that followers of the Marr twins have been having premonitions and visions. I will attempt to learn more.


valorian blooms
valorian blooms
patch of dirt
patch of dirt
The Sisters of Erollisi can probably be found near the entrance to the Shard of Love in Everfrost.
  • I should seek council from the Sisters of Erollisi.
There are a number of relics of Mithaniel Marr in The Commonlands, including a statue north of the Crossroads, and a ruined keep in the Hidden Canyon pass.
  • I should check the statue of Mithaniel Marr for any signs of change.
    • The quest will automatically update when you approach The Mourned at -594,-50,-623 .
  • I should check the ruined Keep of Marrsfist for any signs of change.
    • Gather a valorian bloom, which is a sparkling blue flower, at 615,-47,705 , near the Hidden Canyon Griffon Tower.
The Sisters of Erollisi were praying for guidance at the dock in Everfrost.
  • I should bring the news and a valorian bloom back to the Sisters of Erollisi.
The old Keep of Marrsfist is near the Hidden Canyon pass, south of the Ruins of Val'marr.
  • Plant the pomegranate seeds at the base of the dead tree outside the Keep of Marrsfist.
    • There is a patch of dirt at the base of the tree. ( 624,-46,702 ) Click it to plant the seeds.
    • Examine the Flask of Blessed Water that the sister gave you to water the seeds.
    • You will zone into an instance, A Vision of Valor.
A vision of Mithaniel Marr appeared before me.
  • Listen to the vision, if a vision it is.
    • Inside the zone is Mithaniel Marr. Speak to him for your update.
The Sisters of Erollisi at the dock in Everfrost will be eager to hear what I have learned.
  • Return to the Sisters of Erollisi with the news of Mithaniel Marr's plans.


I had a vision of Mithaniel Marr, speaking of his sister and of the new shrine to come. I learned that Mithaniel Marr plans to build a shrine to his sister, and re-found the city of Halas to keep the shrine safe in the city's heart.

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