Johnny Pomegranate Seed  

CategoryShard of Love: A Moment of Valor
Level100 (Scales)
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perfect pomegranate
basket of rotting pomegranates

You can only receive this quest after completing Shrouded Memories of Love.

Lanielle, one of Erollisi's three ethernal protectors, has realized that the Shard of Love is not what it once was. She recalls when the trees were healthy and the fruits they provided were tasteful and of perfect ripeness.

  1. Lanielle wants me to reseed areas of the Shard of Love.
    • I must harvest a perfect pomegranate for its abundance of seeds. 174.48,14.45,-183.21
  2. I must plant the perfect pomegranate seeds within the different garden areas within the Shard of Love. (Note: Examine the perfect pomegranate that's now in your inventory to plant the seeds.)
    • I am to plant some seeds in the Boughs of Tenderness. 176.29,14.80,-185.88
    • I am to plant some seeds in the Garden of Lingering Sentiment. -59.55,29.66,-243.22
    • I am to plant some seeds on Passion's Lower Portico. 3.23,17.88,-182.16
    • I am to plant some seeds amongst the trees near the Swan Stairs. -54.82,-8.93,55

The quest will auto-complete after you plant the fourth seeds.

Shard of Love
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