A Knight's Word  

CategoryBefallen: Halls of the Forsaken
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The Testimony of High Lord William Taros
Min Coin: 25g, 70s, 61c
Max Coin: 28g, 77s, 68c
Choice Of:
Queen of Love Pewter
Mithaniel Marr Figurine

  1. Travel down into the Halls of the Forsaken and find the lost testimony of William Taros
    • Examine a book at -12,-24,247 in Befallen: Halls of the Forsaken (at the bottom of The Broken Stair near where The Eidolon of Depravity spawns) and receive The Testimony of High Lord William Taros.
  2. Give the testimony to a reputable historian.
    • Riss Taskel ( -2, -7, -133 ) in The Academy of Arcane Science in North Freeport, or Ashtur Lawton at The Concordium Tower (blue portal) in South Qeynos.
  3. I must speak with High Lord William Taros
    • Click the statue to summon him.

Uncovering the Truth Befallen
Quest Series
Extinguishing the Burning Dead
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