The Sins of Butcherblock  

Related Zone:
Related Items:
Lockson Family Treasure
Heartmill Family Treasure
Frothbrew Family Treasure
Min Coin: 2g, 7s
Max Coin: 2g, 31s
Choice Of:
Thule's Polished Ring
Thule's Runed Band
Faction Changes:

This is the second quest in the Cazic Thule deity line.

First you need to go visit Danak Dhorentath at -307.75, 184.15, 754.20 in the eq2 zone:Butcherblock Mountains) to begin the second step.

Then, you need to find Zha Gu'Lau. This time, he is wandering the East Irontoe camp ( -350, 165, -240 ) and is disguised as a dwarf. He will tell you a story about a famous thief, named Darvil Blackfist, who was slain by his three disgruntled guards. He sends you off to find this thief.

  1. Find Darvil Blackfist, northeast of Danak Dhorentath at -600, 100, 610 in the pool in the Yarpsnarl camp. Speak to him and he will attack you. Kill him and then he will talk to you again. After some convincing, he'll tell you where the buried treasures are.
  2. Locate and collect the three buried treasure caches. You will be attacked by 3 disgraced members of the family the treasure relates to after you pick it up. You do NOT have to fight them for the update, so feel free to run them off. Locations as follows:
    1. Orram Lockson's treasure: A pile of soft earth just west of where you spoke to Darvil. ( -495, 130, 690 )
    2. Brodor Heartmill's treasure: A pile of soft earth east of The Chessboard ( -950, 105, 60 )
    3. Jerym Frothbrew's treasure:A box on the ground in Darkfall Gorge ( -20, 100, -330 )
  3. Now you have all the treasures, return to Zha Gu'Lau. He will instruct you to start placing the treasures inside barracks to scare the family members. The locations where these need to be placed are as follows (click on the tables):
    1. Southern stone barrack in East Fort Irontoe ( -367, 160, -177 )
    2. Northern stone barrack in West Fort Irontoe ( -272, 215, -156 )
    3. Eastern stone barrack in West Fort Irontoe ( -232, 214, -190 )

Return to Zha Gu'Lau to complete the quest and get your shiny ring and some cash.

A Hint of Fear Cazic-Thule
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