The Age of Rediscovery  

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Demini's Walking Staff

This quest is given by Scholar Demini in North Qeynos. It is the first in a series of quests.

He needs you to find some missing pages for him. The first four pages are obtained by killing the following mob types in Antonica.

  1. Kill 12 of each: each mob type:
    • Glade Deers
    • Young Brown Bears
    • Timber Wolves
    • Forest Wardens (Reported to be found around -814.95,-5.39,529.90 )
  2. After obtaining these pages you must find a page under a rock in Archer's Woods in Antonica ( -842, -5.3, 708 ).
  3. After doing this return to Scholar Demini to receive the next quest in the chain.

Quest Series
Scholar Demini's Series
The Scholar's Search
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July 24, 2012

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