The Mysteries of Nektulos - The Behemoth Pond  

Grants AA
CategoryNektulos Forest
Related Zone:
Min Coin: 11s, 13c
Max Coin: 11s, 37c

This quest is given by Noxhil V'Sek. He can be found at the camp just beyond the bridge at The Commonlands zone-in.

He tells a tale of a mighty dragon named Behemoth and seeks proof of his existence. The Behemoth is long dead, but you can find his remains at -204, 1.78, -152 .

Return to Noxhil V'Sek with word that the best is dead for coin and experience. Completing this quest will also open up two new Mysteries of Nektulos quests.

Nektulos Forest
Quest Series
The Mysteries of Nektulos - Soul Eater Falls
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