Bridge Keep  

ClassificationPoint of Interest
Location300, 3, -213
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Point of Interest
Bridge Keep
Zone The Thundering Steppes
Expansion The Shattered Lands
/loc 200.58, 2.94, -213.92 Click here to go to EQ2Map
Discovery? Yes
Achievement Thundering Steppes Scout
The Steppes Settlers and The City of Qeynos built Bridge Keep both to provide safe passage across the Dead River Basin, which is full of Skeletons and Zombies, and to protect the farmlands to the west from the Centaurs to the east.

Turgen Bremhurst, a Barbarian who speaks only Halasian, is the bridge keeper and he closes the gates promptly at dusk until the next dawn. If, however, you can prove to him that you are the right sort of person (None Shall Pass!), he will give you a key allowing you to open the gates after dark.

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