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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Frostfell Elf20   v v vQeynos HarborNo
Sister Of WarQeynos HarborNo
Ravener35   ^ ^ ^ HeroicQeynos HarborNo
Marvan Honeyjum45-50   ^Qeynos HarborYes
Grittlebone4   vQeynos HarborNo
Keyrin Curetouch100   ^ ^ ^ HeroicQeynos HarborNo
A Drunk SailorQeynos HarborNo
Tala McMorganQeynos HarborNo
Royal Accountant FowlerQeynos HarborNo
Natulcien1   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Qeynos HarborNo
Harbormaster CrestbreakQeynos HarborNo
A Frostfell Elf20   v v vQeynos HarborNo
A Rat1   vQeynos HarborNo
Groban95   ^ ^ ^ HeroicQeynos HarborNo
A Black Cat1   vQeynos HarborNo
Warland95   ^ ^ ^ HeroicQeynos HarborNo
Taburg35   ^ ^ ^ HeroicQeynos HarborNo
Xavier35   ^ ^ ^ HeroicQeynos HarborNo
Ashilda MacHinryQeynos HarborNo
Borden MannusQeynos HarborNo
A Frostfell ElfQeynos HarborNo
Erwin RohandQeynos HarborNo
Kehlner35   ^ ^ ^ HeroicQeynos HarborNo
Slayd LancetQeynos HarborNo
Mary DillonQeynos HarborNo