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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A PigWest FreeportNo
A Pig2   v vAntonicaNo
A PigletSouth QeynosNo
A PigSouth QeynosNo
A Sick Pig6-7   v v vLoping PlainsNo
A Pig9   v v vTemple StreetNo
A Swine10   ^ ^ ^ HeroicDeathfist Citadel: AssaultNo
Squirt10   ^ ^ ^ HeroicDeathfist CitadelNo
A Swine10   ^ ^ ^ HeroicDeathfist CitadelNo
A Pig20   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Thundering SteppesNo
Bentor The Mighty20   ^Frostfang SeaNo
Swine21   -Nektropos Castle: Craftsman ErrandsNo
A Pig30   v v vThe Bloodskull Valley: A Noble ConfrontationNo