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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Chittering Monkey3   -Kunzar JungleNo
A Pet Monkey38-40   -A Maj'Dul ResidenceNo
A Monkey45   -Maj'DulNo
Jinja The Swift50   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Living TombsYes
A Menagerie Monkey53-54   v vAn Unusual BottleNo
An Exotic Pet54   -Maj'DulNo
A Wild Monkey54-55   ^ ^ HeroicThe Shimmering CitadelNo
An Escaped Kadaren Primate55   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Court of Truth: Riddle of the SphinxNo
An Angry Monkey55   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Shimmering CitadelNo
A Wandering Monkey55   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Shimmering CitadelNo
A Shrine Scavenger57-58   vThe Mystic LakeNo
Momo79   -Moors of YkeshaNo
Monkey80   v vMoors of YkeshaNo