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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
An Arena Lion9   v v vQeynos CacheNo
An Icemane Patriarch10   -Frostfang SeaNo
A Tiger10   v v vDeathfist CitadelNo
An Icemane Matriarch10   v   to   -Frostfang SeaNo
An Icemane Cub10   v v   to   vFrostfang SeaNo
A Lion10   v v vDeathfist CitadelNo
Rageclaw10   ^Frostfang SeaYes
A Highland Lion10   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Ruins of VarsoonNo
A Captive Lion12   vTimorous DeepNo
A Rock Lion15-16   -The CommonlandsNo
Sunclaw16   ^The CommonlandsYes
A Savanna Lion17-18   -The CommonlandsNo
A Savanna Lioness18   v v vThe CommonlandsNo
Rama'nai18   -The CommonlandsYes
Grizzlefang20   -The CommonlandsYes
A Highland Stalker23-24   -The Thundering SteppesNo
A Highland Patriarch23-26   ^   to   ^ ^ HeroicThe Thundering SteppesNo
A Highland Bloodpaw24   ^The Thundering SteppesNo
A Shadowed Servitor37-39   -   to   ^The Obelisk of Lost SoulsNo
A Mountain Lion37-39   -Steamfont MountainsNo
Old Grimclaw42   ^Steamfont MountainsYes
A Snow Leopard45-46   -EverfrostNo
A Menagerie Guardian54-55   v v vAn Unusual BottleNo