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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Stingrat3-4   vCastleview HamletNo
A Mutated Rat15-16   -AntonicaNo
A Crazed Kohlrat18   ^ ^ ^ HeroicStormholdNo
A Feral Lasher34   vEnchanted LandsNo
A Suffering Lasher34-35   vEnchanted LandsNo
An Enraged Lasher34   ^ ^ ^ HeroicEnchanted LandsNo
A Ferocious Lasher35   ^ ^ ^ HeroicEnchanted LandsNo
A Bloodthirsty Lasher35   ^Enchanted LandsNo
A Blightrat Avenger37-38   vRivervaleNo
An Underbrush Fiend37-38   ^The FeerrottNo
A Blightrat37-38   ^ ^ ^ HeroicRivervaleNo
A Snapjaw Blightrat37-38   ^RivervaleNo
An Underbrush Fiend37-38   vThe FeerrottNo
A Young Blightrat37-38   vRivervaleNo
A Fetid Blightrat38-39   ^ ^ ^ HeroicRivervaleNo
A Denizen Of The Menagerie43   -Miragul's MenagerieNo
A Venomouse Scavenger62-63   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Forsaken CityNo
A Venomouse Breeder63   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Forsaken CityNo